Carbon “Flyer” shape Medium blade 205- 215cm 2 piece

$490.00 $390.00

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It has the highest twist of any of our blades.  It won’t cavitate at a high cadence like a lot of other paddles.
It works well with a good rotated forward stroke.
It has great release from the added twist, helping the blade exit the water with ease.  
It is an excellent sprint paddle and is becoming a favourite amongst quality paddlers who value the latest innovations in paddle shape.
Carbon Blade offers a light weight blade for reduced fatigue over long distance. The Maxpaddle carbon is not made as light as some of its competitors, instead focusing on its strength and dependability especially as many of its users are point to point paddlers participating in downwind ocean runs kilometres from any help.
Of course the Maxpaddle clasp is one of the best – offering easy adjustment as needed.